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Due to 12 years of experience in the construction and the execution of more than 4.000 qm, we guarantee the best quality of our services, if there are buildings, residential buildings or industry. Because we are a young Team with the best education and the necessary Motivation; because we use the most advanced technology and high-performance machines, we are ready to satisfy any requirement. Thanks to the quality of the Work, the offers are created specifically for the needs of the customers and the variety of designs, the company has a Portfolio of loyal customers, the recommended in turn, our services and, often, again demanded. We have the best equipment to the projects in the shortest time and the highest quality. We provide it, that the execution of the construction work required a level of performance suitable with the technical requirements by law and technical Standards.

The activities and works of the company are performed by highly and medium qualified personnel, but also of special read-terminated sub-contractor with experience in special construction works.
Our staff and employees are called to work in the following qualified: Bauaufsichts Ingineure, Bauingin your, Installers, Welder, Locksmith, Specialist wood workers, etc..
The Execution the Construction work is on the basis of Transition periods Graphics and is the with the possibilities Client financial resources to make sure harmonised.
During the execution of the works, the provisions of the applicable Standards will be observed.
The interest of our society to respect the contract implied obligations to, prints are selected by the attention of the employees and sub-contractors, the quality and the pace of Construction to ensure the better meet the needs of the Client to meet.
Both design and execution to be constantly adapted to the market requirements and increasing technical level of advanced technologies and materials in different Work.
The best equipment and specialists with experience in this area, their competence and seriousness, the quality of the services provided, have all contributed to the good name of the company in the construction sector.
A feature of the services, provided by our company, the is that, of the first Business presentation up to the last activity, each contract with the utmost care and in a controlled supervised.
Basically, through the development of a good ratio to every customer, at each level, we actively participate, to the warranty and quality each project to make sure.
This is the only way we can consider the most appropriate customer requirements, discuss and develop.

Company's Strategy And Objectives,
We continue, To be a follower of the highest Standards of ethics and integrity, by the best quality of our buildings and the useful solutions, our construction work in maximum security (in accordance with the applicable laws) and in accordance with the principles of environmental protection.
One of the objectives of the company in the coming time, to keep up with the continuous Expansion of the construction market and emerging technologies.
The improvement of the construction Portfolio is provided, one of the objectives of the access to public tenders is.
Completing contracts for a large volume of construction projects and their execution at a high technical level, the result of the good organization of the activity and a highly skilled occupation, but also the acquisition and use of high-performance machines and systems.
The quality of the engineered buildings, the punctuality of the delivery, the qualification and specialization of professionals- and operations personnel ensures to meet the highest demands of the Client and the recommendation of
XUX INVESTMENT SRL as one of the most competitive companies on the market.

The fundamental Mission of the company XUX INVESTMENT SRL is life to make a difference in a positive contribution to the community and to be only a permanent example of professionalism and quality in the execution of construction work.

To see how the Logo is, our Vision is to fulfill your dream. The degree of success of an organization is a reflection of the management.
XUX INVESTMENT GmbH, are proud to take on the Status of the organization with high social responsibility.
We have to make, and have made continue to make a difference to, by bringing a positive contribution to the community.
We, together with our partners, will set new Standards of excellent performance through efficiency; the professionalism and quality of our work provides a living example for the local and national community and we will support the Romanian society effectively in the joint efforts of the Integration in the European community.

The most valuable equipment of the company
XUX INVESTMENT GmbH are the people: all employees, the Partner, suppliers, the community; all of which are in Service for our customers. The reason the company values XUX INVESTMENT GmbH:

  • Respect,
  • Dedication,
  • Professionalism,
  • Quality

Our Commitment,
Management commitment to a quality policy. Our organization bases its quality policy on the doctrine of the four zeros:

  • Zero Error
  • Zero Delays
  • Zero Dissatisfaction
  • Zero Complaints

XUX INVESTMENT GmbH aims to the Reputation of the organization, with its customers through a high quality of services, to increase. The concern for quality is a priority in all our activities. Quality is an absolute prerequisite for the success of the company. The strategy in the field of quality is based on the following directions:

  • To meet the requirements of our clients through a realistic setting construction phases: The conclusion of the contract, Planning, Construction, Warranty and Post-warranty.
  • Permanent Improving the efficiency of the quality management system and services of the organization through regular analysis and establishment of sustainable programs.
  • Application of lean and innovative Management, whose goal is, a stable bridge of communication between all Department coordinators to set up.
  • Improved Quality of services and economic efficiency, by increasing the powers and competences of the working groups, Coordination of departments and Promote the initiative.
  • Motivate achievement of the employees so that we QUALITY FROM the FIRST TIME AND EVERY TIME!

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