About XUX Investment

Based on experience in the construction field of 12 years, and over 40000 sqm, we guarantee the quality of the best services whether it is residential or industrial constructions. Because we're a young team, we work with the highest technologies, equipped with machinery performance, the best education, but and motivation required to achieve and satisfy any requirement. Thanks to works of good quality, to tenders created specifically for the needs of the clients, as well as the high degree of diversity of the construction, the firm has created a portfolio of loyal customers who in turn have recommended our services and have them resolicitat whenever it was needed.We have the best equipment to execute projects in the shortest time and at the best quality.The execution of the works ensure the level of performance corresponding to the requirements of the technical required by the standards and legislation in force.

The activities and works of the company are executed with high and medium skill as well as sub-contractors specialist, with the experience gained from the works of a special nature.
Company employees and collaborators are qualified in the following trades: the whips of the site, civil engineers, plumbers, welders, locksmiths mechanics, carpenters, finishers etc..
Execution is performed on the basis of graphs with intermediate deadlines and harmonizes with the possibilities of insurance to the beneficiaries of the financial resources.
In the works are complied with the provisions of the standards in force.
Interest in our company to meet contractual commitments is manifested by attention with which employees and subcontractors are selected, to ensure the quality and pace of execution of the work to better meet the beneficiaries.
Both design and execution constantly adapt to market demands and growing technical level of advanced technologies and materials of construction used in the most various construction works.
Good facilities and specialists with experience in this area, the competence and seriousness of their, the quality of the services provided contributed to the good name of the company in the construction field.
A peculiarity of services rendered by our company, is that, from the first presentation to the last activity, every contract is overseen and controlled with special attention.
Basically, by developing a good relationship with every client, at each level, we identify and we are actively involved as a compartment of the assurance of the warranty and quality of each project.
Only in this way we can take into account, discuss and develop in the most appropriate way the requirements of the customer.

Company strategy and Objectives,
We continue to be followers of the highest standards of ethics and integrity by ensuring the superior quality of our works and solutions of value, let us execute the works in maximum safety (according to the legal norms in force) and according to the principles of protecting the environment.
One of the goals of the company in the next period is to keep up with the constant expansion of the market in the field of construction and new technologies.
It aims to improve the portfolio of works, one of the objectives being to access the public auctions organised.
Contracting a large volume of works and their execution at a high technical level is the result of a good organization of the activity and equipments, with highly skilled professional, as well as the purchase and use of machines and equipment performing.
The quality of the works performed, the timeliness of teaching, the qualification and specialization of the technical staff and the task force ensure that we meet the most demanding requirements of the beneficiaries, recommending the company XUX INVESTMENT S. R. L. as one of the most competitive on the market.

The fundamental mission of the company XUX INVESTMENT S. R. L. is to make a difference through a positive contribution to community life, being a permanent example of professionalism and quality in the execution of construction works.

As we can see from the logo our vision is to help you to fulfill your dreams.
The degree of success of an organization is a reflection of its management.
New, XUX INVESTMENT S. R. L. , we assume with pride the status of an organization with a high level of social responsibility.
We have made and we will continue to make a difference by bringing a positive contribution to community life. New, together with our partners, we will set new standards of excellence through performance, the professionalism and quality of our work providing a living example for the community, both local and national and we actually support the Romanian society in the joint effort of integration in the European Community.

Dowry the price of the company XUX INVESTMENT S. R. L. are the people; our entire personnel, partners, suppliers, the community; and all of these are in the service of our Clients. The fundamental values of society XUX INVESTMENT S. R. L. are:

  • Respect,
  • Devotion,
  • Professionalism,
  • Quality

Our commitment,
Management commitment on quality policy. Our organization is based the strategy in the field of quality on the doctrine of the four zeros:

  • defects zero
  • time zero
  • complaints zero
  • complaints zero

XUX INVESTMENT S. R. L. has in view the increase of the prestige acquired by the organization towards the customers, through the realization of high quality services. The concern for quality is a priority in all our activities.
Quality represents an absolute condition aiming at success in business. The strategy in the field of quality is based on the following directions:

  • Meeting the demands of our CLIENTS by addressing in a realistic manner to the phases of contracting, design, execution, warranty and post-warranty.
  • Continuous improvement of the System efficiency of the managenent of the quality and performance of the organization, through regular analyses and building efficient programs.
  • The application of a management supple and innovative whose goal is the establishment of stable communication bridges between all department coordinators .
  • Optimizing the quality level of the services provided and of economic efficiency, by increasing the responsibilities and competencies of the work teams, departments of the coordination and stimulation of personal initiative.
  • Motivating personnel to achieve QUALITY THE FIRST TIME AND EVERY TIME !

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