PUZ Selimbar

Informing and consulting the public for the documentation of urban planning PUZ + RLU - Unification land for the construction of real estate P+2E+M
area str. Union, fn, com. Selimbar, jud. Sibiu

The Initiators Mitariu Mircea F. V., Mitariu Maria V. and Bran Simion, residing in Sibiu, str.Stefan cel Mare nr. 6, notify the information and consultation of the public by HCL 137/2011 for the documentation of urban planning PUZ - Unification land for construction real estate
P+2E+M, located in the com. Selimbar, str. Union, fn, jud. Sibiu.

Board regulations and rules of town planning can be viewed on the website www.xuxinvestment.ro/, on the panel displayed in the entry hall of city Hall and on the panel located on the land where the PUZ site, with effect from the date of 29.03.2016 until 19.04.2016. Any suggestions and complaints can be submitted in writing
Village hall Selimbar – town planning service until the date of 19.04.2016 or submitted personally in the range 9.00-13.00, from Monday to Thursday.


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