Saves 1000 euro

WIN 1000 euro building smart and choosing our system FLOATED CONCRETE FLOOR

What is this?

It Floated Concrete Floor it is a relatively new system which involves the replacement card classic concrete with one finished. This pour with the help of a machine mechanized that dull the surface.

Benefits casting the screed finished:

  • reduced consumption of adhesives required for installation ceramic and parquet
  • drying times reduced
  • the support layer and the flooring are a whole
  • resistance and maximum durability

Price: 25 lei/ mp

Thermal installations, plumbing and sewer buried in the plate, WORKMANSHIP FOR FREE!


WHAT YOU'RE MISSING if you don'T pour plate finished:

  • lose a resistance structure for your home
  • lose safety, joints will not be of a single layer
  • lose money on adhesives necessary mounting ceramic/ parquet
  • lose time: plate classic require pouring screed cement while the board finished not
  • lose the realization of a structure all unit without weak points because the resistance of the plaque is the same all over the surface
  • the price of the card classic (screed coarse + self-leveling + workmanship installations) is 52 lei/ mp, pierderea your: 27 lei/ mp

How to calculate PROFIT:

The variant used, sapa classic: The surface you x 52 lei/ mp = ..........

Our version, screed finished: The surface you x 25 lei/ mp = ..........

PROFIT: The surface you x 27 lei/ mp = ..........


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