Course Henkel

Because we want our team to be able to provide the best service, we are constantly investing in their education and training. Aatfel, in 20 April team XUX Investment participate in the course organized by Henkel Romania: "The growth of qualification of workers of the finishing touches in construction through participation in qualification courses in the areas of worker paver construction and inlay-faianțar" ID POSDRU/164 /2.3 /S/138898, intended for construction workers, having as main objective raising the level of professional training.

In the framework of this course will learn the general concepts about the construction, safety and health at work, after that will deepen the following topics: the establishment of the technical solution, preparing the work for plating, mounting plates ceramic, the realization of mosaics.

  • Duration: 720 hours, theory 240 h, practice workshop 240 h, address at work 240 h;
  • The courses will be held in the program night school;
  • Conditions of access: qualification course, minimum 8 classes, the status of employee the individual contract of employment;

Benefits for the participants of the courses:

  • Opportunities for skill / retraining;
  • Free courses for employees in accordance with the requirements of the market;
  • Certificate of qualification recognized at national and european level;
  • Grants and awards at graduation – up 960 lei;
  • Support materials for the study, food and equipment protection;
  • Job security;
  • The possibility to identify the easiest job in case of unemployment;
  • Flexible schedule depending on work schedule.

They will learn notions about:

  • Construction, materials of construction and processing materielelor;
  • Safety and health at work;
  • Technical drawing and plans for construction;
  • The organization of the workplace and the preparation of materials for plating;
  • The installation and fixing of ceramic tiles;
  • The realization of mosaics;

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